What is WEBSMS

WEBSMS platform is a flexible tool for SMS Reselling with Pricing & Routing and management of different user accounts. No technical expertise is required for using the platform while our support team is always standby to back you up. The platform can be adapted in a variety of countries and supports SMS sendings in more than 100 countries and 1000 mobile networks.

Start your own profitable bulk SMS business within one day and WEBSMS will provide you with all the necessary tools to make it real.

A plug and play solution with:

  • a complete Front-to-End messaging platform
  • an advanced and easy to use Site and User Management system
    • to create and manage different sites on the same or different target countries
    • to create and manage different user levels, from white label resellers and sub resellers to final WEBSMS platform users
  • a flexible route and pricing management system
    • to easily mix and match routes
    • create custom pricelists for every one of your resellers or users
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WEBSMS Features

Advanced Reporting Tools

Advanced SMS reporting tools in order to monitor your customers' sendings, the delivery reports and received payment transactions

Easy to use CMS

Our platform provides  an easy-to-use Content Management System to create the front website based on website manager needs/preferences.

SMS Routing system

You can create your custom SMS Routes and choose the countries and mobile carriers that you want to support in your platform.

Payment methods

You can integrate your Paypal accounts or add your bank accounts to your WEBSMS platform. Customized payment methods can be developed/added to your website.

Multi layer Platform

WEBSMS supports different user levels with a powerful user management tool. Set custom prices for your customers and manage their accounts easily.

Bulk SMS sites

Create websites for your clients in order to start their Bulk SMS business now. Each created website along with the powerful back panel of WEBSMS can be used for SMS reselling.