Case Studies

Spanish Market

  • Website launched in Spain in 2013
  • More than 1.000 registrations in 1 year
  • More than 1 million SMS were sent within the first 6 months of its operation
  • Turn-over increased by 200% in the 2nd year of its operation
  • Available payment methods: PayPal & credit or debit card

Our first client requested the WEBSMS Platform in order to create a Spanish Bulk messaging website and penetrate in the continuously growing Bulk SMS market of Spain.

The customer was provided with a fully white-labeled website solution, which was customized according to his needs. He used our routes in order to send SMS to Spain and to more than 100 other countries as well. With the WEBSMS platform’s reliable infrastructure, our customer could advertise his new platform as an effective and value for money Bulk messaging service. Then, the end-users could easily sign up and purchase SMS balance, in order to send SMS to their clients too.

Greek Market

  • Website launched in 2015
  • More than 30 pricing packages have been created for custom cases
  • Marketing strategy with promotional offers increased sales by 40%
  • Average SMS traffic per month: 300.000
  • Available payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Deposit

The mature Greek Bulk SMS market requires new ideas, advanced features and great flexibility in pricing and white-labeling. Our customer requested an innovative platform, so as provide end-users with a variety of  useful features along with advanced user management and pricing systems. WEBSMS platform’s flexibility and cutting-edge features urged our customer to use our WEBSMS solution.

The initial request of our customer was to add a custom front-website theme, different from our WEBSMS platform’s available themes. Our team developed a custom front-website theme, which was then integrated into our WEBSMS platform. Our experienced sales experts urged our client to create a Bulk SMS marketing strategy, in order to maximize the profit from this business. The customer used our flexible pricing system to create packages, to offer mobile coupons to his loyal customers and to provide them with various routing options according to end-users’ specific needs.

UK market

  • Website launched in 2015
  • UK website supports all available countries to send SMS
  • SEO capabilities improved the website’s organic results the first 2 months
  • Account management improved its overall quality of service
  • WEBSMS anti-fraud system reduced fraud payments by 80%

An international company, with expertise in the Bulk messaging business, contacted our sales team seeking for a white label solution, which would allow them to launch multiple SMS websites quickly and easily in different countries. The company requested a platform capable of facilitating and enhancing the performance of their account management team, while providing them at the same time with easy-to-use features, with minimum time and effort.

We made a presentation of our platform in the company’s offices, where we presented the capabilities and the great flexibility of the WEBSMS platform. The company agreed to launch a Bulk SMS website in UK, in order to enter the competitive market of SMS messaging. The next step was to install a theme for the front website, while taking into consideration the competitors’ requirements regarding the look and feel of the site. Then, we set up the website along with routing, pricing, payment gateways and other general website settings as well. By using the platform’s tools, the company has managed so far to create a marketing strategy, in order to prepare end-users to be ready to use the platform and purchase SMS credits. The website is now regarded, among competition, as an exceptional solution for end-users within the Bulk messaging sector.