Front site CMS

Every Bulk messaging website consists of a front website, where general information is displayed about the service and a back panel, where users log in to use Bulk SMS features. Our WEBSMS platform provides both modules, the back end site which can be managed by end users to perform tasks and the front website to advertise the business. In CMS section, the site owner can select a front site theme and then create pages, such as features and pricing pages. The user has also the ability of adding widgets in pages, creating menu elements for the site and uploading media files as well. WEBSMS platform’s CMS offers all necessary tools in order to create a successful front website for your audience.

SEO capabilities

One of the most critical factors in order to boost brand awareness is Google’s organic ranking. WEBSMS platform provides users with SEO tools for the front website pages, so as to optimize ranking results. Users can include for each page of the front website important SEO factors such as, page title, meta-keywords and meta-description. In addition, XML sitemap is available along with the option to create custom and friendly URL names for each page, so as to further optimize search engine results.

Routing system

WEBSMS platform offers an advanced Routing system which allows users to create Route packages. To start with, the user needs to select the countries, in which he is going to send SMS, along with the respective operators per country and afterwards, define the cost for each operator. Then, this cost is removed from the user’s balance when an SMS is sent to a specific operator. The Routing system has great flexibility, which actually enables users to create custom route packages based on their customers’ needs. Those custom route packages can be also assigned to respective users, or it is even possible to select between high-quality and low-quality routes for each operator, so as to successfully manage different user levels.

Pricing mechanism

Every Bulk SMS website needs a pricing scheme, in order to attract customers and convince them to purchase SMS balance. Pricing schemes play a critical role in the success of a Bulk SMS website. WEBSMS platform offers a flexible pricing system, which enables users to create pricing packages for the end-users. It also supports the creation of SMS bundles and volume based packages that can drive end-users to purchase more SMS to get a low price. Moreover, the creation of custom packages is available for special pricing packages regarding end-users.

Offer Management System

Sales tools are important for effective marketing strategies targeted to increase sales and total revenue. WEBSMS platform allows the account manager or sales person to create Offer campaigns with Promo codes, in order to boost sales, attract new customers and increase customer loyalty. The Offer Management system, with an easy-to-use and sales-oriented UI, automates the process of Offer creation and the use of the offer coupon during the payment process. It also allows the creation of multiple, simultaneous offers for different customer segments.

Anti-fraud mechanisms

Online payments by  vendors have a higher chance of being fraud, a fact which undoubtedly causes problems to SMS suppliers. Our platform comes with an anti-fraud system that may increase the level of control over -possible- fraud payments. The user can set a variety of rules for online payments, so as to check if there is any possibility of fraud. If the rules apply to the online-payment, then the payment is marked as under review for further investigation, otherwise it is successfully completed.

End-User Features

Apart from having  an advanced platform that facilitates the creation of a Bulk SMS website, another significant factor  is to create a platform, which will allow end-user to perform his actions successfully. Based on competition, the advanced SMS features of the platform  are critical factors in order to increase customer satisfaction and improve user experience. WEBSMS platform has a variety of end user features such as Personalized SMS, Scheduled SMS, SMS Templates, Address Book, List Management, Advanced SMS Reporting and SMS campaigns. These features are properly implemented, so as to meet the needs of different user segments, from small companies to banks and marketing agencies. Moreover, the primary goal of implementing those advanced SMS features is to offer a unique user experience.

API  integration

WEBSMS platform provides users with the capability of sending SMS text messages through Microsoft Outlook. The Outlook feature has many benefits to offer to small businesses, since employees have the opportunity to exchange quickly and easily useful information regarding internal company news. With the Outlook SMS feature, users can select the recipients directly from their Outlook address book, write the text message (SMS) and send it to any wireless device they wish. The companies which have acquired WebSMS, need to activate first HTTPS capability on their platform in order to enable the Outlook API feature.

User Management system

The WEBSMS platform offers a variety of different user levels with a powerful user management section. The multi-layer approach supports clients with completely different needs and requirements. In User management section, the site owner can create and edit user accounts, view information about users, delete users, set custom routes and pricing packages, and more capabilities. With the user management section the account manager can improve the quality of service to his customers and create user segments as well based on user’s profile details.


The WEBSMS platform provides each user with advanced reports regarding SMS traffic, important information regarding SMS sendings and the delivery statuses of SMS as well. Users with sub-accounts are able to view the SMS Reports of their sub-users, so as to control and manage SMS sendings more successfully. The Reporting section allows user to access total SMS traffic by date, the Delivery results for each SMS and specific results as well, along with valuable information per SMS sending.

Payment Gateways

Our white label solution supports multiple payment gateways, which can be used in order to provide to end-users with a way to purchase SMS balance from websites. PayPal, Credit and Debit card are supported by our platform which allows the integration of custom payment gateways based on customer needs. The set-up of each gateway is very easy and it will take no more than 5 minutes. When the gateways are set up, end-users will be able to purchase SMS balance via the selected methods. Finally, our platform supports the integration with more payment gateways based on customers’ requests.